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Love means giving. Love means paying attention to others. Love means giving warmth to the one you love. Love also means understanding.

There is a lot of love around us. To give an example, let me share a short story. One day, while I was playing football with my classmates on the playground, I fell down and hurt my legs badly. My classmates took me to the hospital at once. During my stay in bed, some of them came to see me and helped me with my lessons. Thanks to their help, I caught up with the others soon after I came back to school, and passed all the exams! I was so grateful !

Love is giving and love is paying attention to others. I’m so thankful for my classmates. I will do my best to give all my love to others.




Get Together

                                                       January 18 , 2006

Dear Tom,

    came to see you but you were out. Tomorrow is Li Ming’s bithday. We will hold a birthday party at Li Ming’s home tomorrow afternoon. We’ll dance and sing; We will also have a big cake. We would be very happy if you could come.

     Li Ming’s home is not very far from your hotel. If you want to come, just go left on Blue Road and turn right at the intersection onto White Road. Go straight ahead till you see a cinema on the other sider of the road. Li Ming’s home is just beside it. You won’t miss it.

Hope to see you at the party!

                                                          Wu Dong










Welcome to the English Corner

Attention everyone! I have an important announcement.

An English Corner will be held in the school’s garden at 4:00 p.m. this Thursday. Five American students from Beijing Normal University have been invited. One American student named Tina will give a talk on education and lifestyles in the U.S. . Everyone will have a chance to about language lerning, school life in China and the U.S. , and any other interesting topics.

Everybody is welcome. I’m sure everyone will have a great time and learn a lot. Hope to see you there! Thanks!






Life in New Jersey

                                                   Princeton University

                                                         New Jersey


                                                      October 10 , 2005

Dear Miss Liu,

It’s been three months since I came to New Jersey to study. I miss you so much! How have you been doing recently?

I’m really sorry I haven’t written to you till now. I’ve just been so busy preparing for some important tests. My classmates are from all over the world, and I’ve made lots of friends. We learn so many things from each other and get along very well. I’ve made such rapid progress in my spoken English that I can now speak freely with my American friends! Life is hard here, but it is also very interesting. I’ve gotten used to it and like it more each day.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please write back soon! Take care.

                                                              Li Min











Speech at a Farewell Party

Dear friends,

First of all, allow me to thank all of you for this farewell party! It is a great honor for me to have had the chance to study here. I ‘ve spent many happy hours with you in the lab and the classroom. You’ve been very helpful to me. I’ve learned a great deal during my stay here. I believe what I’ve learned here will be very useful to my country. I want to express my thanks to you again and welcome you to China. I believe our friendship will last forever!

Goodbye, my dear friend!







How to learn English Well

First of all, we should keep on using English if we want to learn English well. If we practice listening, speaking, reading and writing often, we will greatly improve our English skills.

Next, grammar is important. It helps us understand and use English correctly. But grammar is not everything. It’s not wise to spend most of our time on grammar rules. We are learning English, not learning about English.

Finally, at the beginning of our English study, we should pay close attention to listening and speaking. Try to have good intonation and pronunciation. Listening and speaking are closely connected with reading and writing. You cannot read and write well unless you are good at listening and speaking.






We Want Our Schoolbags Lighter

In the picture, there is a schoolgirl and an overweight woman. The girl is wearing glasses and carrying a big, heavy schoolbag. The woman is exercising. The girl is telling the woman, “If you carry my schoolbag for me, I’m sure you will lose some weight.

It is a well-known fact that we Chinese students are overburdened with the lessons and homework our teachers give. What we do every day, which seems to be endless, is listen to the teachers lectures, take notes and do our homework.

We really wish our teachers could help us learn with fewer lectures, and less homework and assignments! Only in this way can we have spare time to do more physical exercise to make us stronger, and to take part in social activities to make us mentally and physically healthier.







My English Teacher

Mrs. Brown is an excellent English teacher. She is a good-looking woman, with gentle manners and a kind smile.

Mrs. Brown likes her work very much. She works hard and makes every class perfect. Listening to her talk is an artistic treat indeed. She treats her students as her own children, not only strictly but also kindly. She always shows deep concern for them and makes great efforts to make her students become competent and useful people. All the students respect her very much.







The computer has been around for a long time. It is one of the most important inventions in all of mankind’s history and is used in many ways today.

The oldest kind of computer is the abacus. It has been used in China for centuries. But the modern computer is getting smaller and smaller, and working faster and faster. It can do a lot of work in a short amount of time. Computers are widely used in shops, factories, hospitals and many other places.

Now the computer is developing very quickly. Who knows what the computer of tomorrow will be like?






A Nice Day

Sunday, Sep. 22 ,2005


What a nice day today! I got up early in the morning and went jogging in the park near my home. Then I read English loudly there. After breakfast I did my homework. It was very difficult and took me a lot of time. After finishing my homework I went to buy a birthday present for Li Ming. I chose a very nice picture.

I watched a football match on TV at 4:00 in the afternoon. At 7:00 in the evening, I went to Li Ming’s birthday party at his home. I met many friends there. We sang, danced, and played games at the party. We all had a wonderful time.

It was so much fun today!


2005年9月22日      晴             星期日



A Race between Mr. Hare and Mr. Tortoise

Once there was a race between Mr. Hare and Mr. Tortoise. They wanted to know who would get to the finish line first. Mr. Monkey acted as their judge.

On hearing the gunshots, they both ran out as fast as they could. Of course, Mr. Hare ran much faster than Mr. Tortoise. Looking back at Mr. Tortoise, Mr. Hare thought with pride that it would take Mr. Tortoise a long time to catch up with him and he would have enough time to rest. So he lay down under a tree and soon he fell asleep. After some time, Mr. Hare woke up. He opened his eyes and stretched himself. He began to continue on his way. Soon, he got to the finish line.

To his surprise, he found that Mr. Tortoise was already there waiting for him, holding the shining gold medal in his hand. He felt rather ashamed. It was his pride that led to his failure in the competition.





Field Trip

                                                        January 18 , 2006

January 25 , Junior Graden One and Two students will go to Xiangshan Park. We will climb to the top of the hill and have a picnic there. Afterwards, we will visit the famous botanical garden nearby. Please bring lunch and drinking water, and remember to wear sneakers. We will meet in front of our school gate at 7:00 a.m. for a prompt 7:20 departure by bus. Be on time! Anyone wishing to attend this trip should register his name with the Students Union before Thursday!

                                                           The Studens Union






Changes in People’s Lives

Great changes have taken place in people’s lives in the past 20 years.

In the past, people kept in touch with relatives or friends mainly by sending letters. They would listen to the radio for news and other information. Children used to go to school by bicycle. Big families had to share small rooms.

Now people can talk to othes by telephone or on the Internet at home. When they are free, they watch the news and other programs on TV. Some families are rich enough to send their children to school in their own cars. More and more people live in big and bright apartments with several rooms.

In short, people live better than ever before.







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